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DML Morning Briefing ~ Fri. Oct. 7

New twist in migrant bussing saga, the lockdown effect strikes kids again, MORE!
By Katrina Lusteck

Today is October 7. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1. REVEALED: Democrat-led El Paso alone has sent 7,000 migrants to New York City and Chicago – nearly FOUR TIMES more than Greg Abbott
Daily Mail— The Democrat-led border city of El Paso, Texas, has sent more migrants on buses to New York City and Chicago than a campaign by Texas’ Republican governor, a twist in an ongoing partisan battle over U.S. border security.

El Paso, which sits across the border from Juarez, Mexico, has bused roughly 7,000 migrants to New York City since late August and sent more than 1,800 to Chicago, a city-run effort that far exceeds the more ad-hoc transportation of the past.

The city’s busing effort has received less attention than a separate statewide campaign by Texas Governor Greg Abbott, who is seeking a third term in Nov. 8 midterm elections.

El Paso Mayor Oscar Leeser, a Democrat, said the city’s program is ‘completely different’ than the other busing efforts and that they seek to ‘treat people with respect.’

MY TAKE: Right, because a Republican-run operation wouldn’t show kindness or respect. Gimme a break. They are hypocrites and no amount of verbal gymnastics can hide it.

2. US job growth slows again in September with just 263,000 positions added

Fox News— U.S. job growth slowed for a second consecutive month in September, but hiring remained solid despite growing headwinds from higher interest rates, scorching-hot inflation and mounting recession fears.

Employers added 263,000 jobs in September, the Labor Department said in its monthly payroll report released Friday, slightly topping the 250,000 jobs forecast by Refinitiv economists. It marks the lowest monthly gain since April 2021.

The unemployment rate, meanwhile, unexpectedly dropped to 3.5%, returning to the historic low recorded in July.

MY TAKE: Dems will do a victory lap on this, but they shouldn’t. Meanwhile there remains a lack of what Americans need, like a good home and job, groceries we can afford, and safe communities.

3. Pals heard screams through online game as Purdue student Varun Manish Chheda was slain

NY Post— Friends of the Purdue University student who was allegedly killed by his roommate said they had been gaming with the victim when they suddenly heard him screaming.

Varun Manish Chheda, 20, was discovered dead in his room at McCutcheon Hall in West Lafayette after the suspect, Ji Min “Jimmy” Sha, 22, called 911 to report the killing early Wednesday, campus police said.

Indiana police described the crime as an “unprovoked and senseless” murder.

MY TAKE: This was a horrific attack. His friends will be scarred by this, and the other kids at the residence hall, will be, too. They were shocked to hear what happened. God bless them all, and his loved ones.

4. On Trump’s last day in office, why were sensitive documents allegedly in such disarray?

ABC NEWS— At the end of Donald Trump’s presidency, his team returned a large batch of classified FBI documents and other government records to the Justice Department in such disarray that a year later — in a letter to lawmakers — the department said it still couldn’t tell which of the documents were the classified ones.

The documents came from the FBI’s controversial probe in 2016 looking at alleged links between Russia and Trump’s presidential campaign. Trump tried to make the documents public the night before he left office, issuing a “declassification” memo and secretly meeting with conservative writer John Solomon, who was allowed to review the documents, Solomon told ABC News this past week.

But for reasons that are still not clear – and to the great frustration of Trump and his political allies – none of the documents were ever officially released, and the Justice Department said Thursday it’s still working to determine which documents can be disclosed.

“[T]he Justice Department has … failed to declassify a single page,” Sens. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, and Ron Johnson, R-Wisc., complained to the attorney general in February.

MY TAKE: Seems to me the real story here is that the DOJ is supposed to declassify a bunch of documents but is sitting on them instead. Anyone else get that?

5. The lockdown effect: Record numbers of children are being hospitalized with colds after their immunity was weakened by social distancing and masks, CDC report reveals

Daily Mail— More children and young people are being hospitalized with colds and respiratory problems than ever after the Covid pandemic, official data suggests.

Experts have repeatedly warned lockdowns and measures used to contain Covid like face masks also suppressed the spread of germs which are crucial for building a strong immune system in children.

A retrospective report by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) today showed levels of common cold viruses hit their highest level ever among under-18s in August 2021.

This was the highest levels ever recorded in summer, and came off the back of a year and a half of brutal pandemic restrictions forcing many to stay indoors.

MY TAKE: Another example of what stupid Dem policies get us, and now kids are paying the price. Thanks Fauci. If you want to get something worthwhile that isn’t stupid, check out this offer from DML CBD:

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DML Morning Briefing ~ Thur. Oct. 6

Court rules on DACA, plus news on Drugs, Cheney, Twitter employees, and more…
By Anneta Griffee

Today is October 6. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1 – Court rules Obama-era program is illegal — but allows 600,000 to stay in US
Fox News reports: A federal appeals court determined that the Obama administration didn’t have the authority to institute the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program but declined to dismantle it, allowing more than 600,000 immigrants to continue to enjoy its protections.

The 5th U.S. Circuit ordered a review of new changes by the Biden administration to DACA, telling a Texas federal judge to review the program.

A three judge panel from the 5th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals also ruled that while the Obama administration lacked the authority to create the immigration policy which affects over 600,000 people, it didn’t dismantle the program, and people can continue benefiting from the policy.

The panel ruled that the U.S. government cannot process new applicants for individuals seeking DACA benefits.

MY TAKE: It should’ve been ruled as illegal the day it was announced. Now all these people have been embedded here for years and they won’t deport them. Maybe that was the plan all along?

2 – Legos used to hide ‘rainbow fentanyl’ in Manhattan: DEA
The New York Post reports: Narcotics peddlers in Manhattan stuffed a stash of rainbow-colored fentanyl pills in a box of “Classic Legos” — a childish attempt to smuggle the lethal dope into the city, the Drug Enforcement Administration said Tuesday.

A DEA Manhattan task force found 15,000 fentanyl pills packed in two black bags inside the box in the back of a rented car near Hudson Yards around 7 p.m. Wednesday, the agency said at a press conference.

Drug cartels have gotten increasingly creative to try to smuggle the popular but lethal narcotic in recent months.

“Fentanyl is the most significant threat to our public health and our public safety,” DEA Special Agent Frank Tarentino said Tuesday. “It is poison. It is a parent’s worst nightmare, especially as Halloween approaches.

“This is just the tip of the iceberg. We have more seizures every day. In New York City there is a drug overdose every three hours. Nationally it’s every five minutes, 295 a day.”

MY TAKE: Just another reason why we need to SECURE THE BORDER! NOW!

3 – Cheney knocks ‘growing Putin wing of the Republican Party’
The Hill reports: Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) on Wednesday criticized her party for what she sees as a growing sector of the GOP that supports Russian President Vladimir Putin as he wages his attacks on Ukraine.

“You know, the Republican Party is the party of Reagan, the party that essentially won the Cold War. And you look now at what I think is really a growing Putin wing of the Republican Party,” Cheney said at a McCain Institute event at Arizona State University.

The outgoing congresswoman, who lost her reelection bid in Wyoming to her Trump-backed Republican challenger, knocked Fox News for “running propaganda” and called out Fox host Tucker Carlson as “the biggest propagandist for Putin on that network.”

“You really have to ask yourself, whose side is Fox on in this battle? And how could it be that you have a wing of the Republican Party that thinks that America would be standing with Putin as he conducts that brutal invasion of Ukraine?” Cheney asked.

In a sweeping conversation with John S. McCain Democracy Fellow Sofia Gross, Cheney talked about the “stunning developments” she sees in the Republican Party that have stoked her concerns about the American republic and the democratic process.

The congresswoman quipped that she “never imaged” she would find herself “spending so much time with Democrats.”

MY TAKE: First of all, how ANY American could support killer Putin, I don’t understand.  But Cheney is sure one to talk – SHE is the one who turned on MAGA conservatives.  Listen up, Ms. Cheney – we don’t want YOUR version of the Republican party, and we’ve been wondering the same thing – “Whose side are YOU on?”  She might as well go ahead and join the Democrats.  We are NOT a “Putin wing” of the Republican party.

4 – A Twitter Employee Exodus Could Be Just Around the Corner
The Washington Free Beacon reports: Twitter could he quickly downsizing if the just-revitalized sale to Elon Musk goes through, with the New York Times reporting Twitter employees say they will quit if Musk, who pledges to promote free speech on the platform, buys the company.

After months of trying to back out of the deal, the multibillionaire Tesla CEO announced Monday his original offer of $44 billion to buy Twitter is back on the table. Kevin Roose, a technology columnist for the Times, predicts employees will revolt if the deal goes through.

“Virtually every Twitter employee I’ve spoken to in the last six months has told me that he or she plans to leave if Mr. Musk takes over,” Roose wrote. “It’s also worth noting that Mr. Musk may not mind if thousands of Twitter employees show themselves the door.”

Twitter has a “vocally progressive” workforce, according to Roose, who may fear Musk will abandon their mission of promoting “healthy conversation.” According to Musk, his bid to buy the social media giant is an attempt to protect free speech on the platform. He has tentative plans to reinstate permanently banned Twitter accounts, including former president Donald Trump’s account. His only exceptions would be for “spam accounts and those that explicitly advocate violence.”

MY TAKE: Best news I’ve heard all day.  All those woke, censor-happy Twitter staffers can just GO!

5 – Biden Admin Forked Over Billions Of Taxpayers Dollars To Massive Companies For Something Hardly Anyone Wants
The Daily Caller reports: President Joe Biden burned more than $5 billion in taxpayer funds on new COVID-19 shots hardly anyone wants.

The White House made the decision earlier in 2022 — before the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) even authorized the new, variant-specific bivalent COVID-19 boosters — to purchase more than $5 billion worth of them from Pfizer and Moderna. Now, more than a month after the shots became available, only about 3% of eligible Americans have gotten one.

There are roughly 275 million Americans aged 12 and older, the age group eligible for one or both of the new boosters. Fewer than 8 million have boosted themselves since Sep. 1, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). This leaves over 160 million doses ordered by the Biden administration sitting on the sidelines, waiting for demand to meet supply.

Thirty-six million of the doses have been delivered to states so far, according to the CDC. During the initial vaccine rollout in the U.S., a number of doses went bad due to lack of demand or mismanagement in states, while others were donated to foreign countries when they weren’t being used in the U.S.

MY TAKE: What a massive waste of taxpayer dollars.  Personally, I’m using DML CBD to protect my immune system. That’s MY booster!  Check it out below:

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DML Morning Briefing ~ Wed. Oct. 5

Media in panic over Musk, Biden’s racist admin, MAJOR city wants illegals to VOTE, and more insanity…
By Anneta Griffee

Today is October 5. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1 – Reporters, pundits panic as Musk pivots to close Twitter deal: ‘Be afraid, be actually afraid’
Fox News reports: Members of the media renewed their anger against billionaire tech mogul Elon Musk on Tuesday after reports showed him closing his deal to officially buy Twitter.

Fox Business reported Twitter intended to close the deal for Musk’s $44 billion acquisition of the social media company at $54.20 per share, the original offer Musk made in April. Shares from Twitter stock quickly soared after the announcement which also received approval from Twitter shareholders.

Reporters and journalists, however, expressed doubts and even fears about Musk’s purchase.

MY TAKE: This is one liberal meltdown that will be really fun to watch!

2 – Dow futures fall more than 270 points following a sharp two-day rally on Wall Street
CNBC reports: U.S. stock futures fell on Wednesday, putting Wall Street on track to give back some of its sharp gains from the last two sessions.

Dow Jones Industrial Average futures declined by 278 points, or 1%. S&P 500 and Nasdaq 100 futures dipped 1% and 0.9%, respectively.

Treasury yields rebounded Wednesday, weighing on stocks. The 10-year rate traded 7 basis points higher at 3.697% after briefly dipping below 3.6% in the previous session.

Payroll services firm ADP issued its jobs report, which showed the addition of 208,000 jobs in September, which is better than expected by Dow Jones estimates. Traders are still looking ahead to Friday’s release of the nonfarm payrolls report.

MY TAKE: DML knew what he was talking about when he posted the following just yesterday:

If you thought everything is upside down, the stock market rally today is proof. Lower jobs openings spurred the uptick because it means the Fed is killing the economy. So although people will be out of jobs Wall St sees this as good for the “future.” Ask the person who soon loses their job and can’t pay his / her scaling mortgage, car payments, rent /mortgage if he or she feels good like Wall St does. DC and Wall St is so disconnected from reality that the rest of us face. But do not fret, the rally is fools gold. It’s set to nosedive again this week and next.

3 – Washington, DC, Democrats Approve Plan Allowing Illegal Aliens to Vote
Breitbart reports: Democrats on the Washington, DC, City Council have approved a plan that would allow foreign nationals, including illegal aliens, to vote in local elections.

On Tuesday, the D.C. City Council voted 12-1 to advance a bill that will allow foreign nationals, regardless of if they have visas or are illegally in the United States, to vote in local elections such as school board races and mayoral elections.

“Our immigrant neighbors of all statuses participate, contribute and care about our community in our city,” D.C. Councilmember Charles Allen (D) said, according to the Hill. “They, like all DC residents, deserve a right to have a say in their government.”

Only Councilwoman Mary Cheh (D) voted against the bill, suggesting she would have supported it had provisions included a minor 30-day residency requirement for foreign nationals looking to register to vote.

MY TAKE: This is absolute INSANITY!  And in our nation’s capitol!

4 – Treasury Department’s new racial equity committee wants to ‘center race’ in all policy
Fox News reports: The vice chair of the Treasury Department’s newly-announced racial equity committee wants to defund the police and put racial justice at the center of all government policymaking.

Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen on Tuesday announced the formation of a 25-member committee called the Treasury Advisory Committee on Racial Equity, which will identify, monitor, and review aspects of the domestic economy “that have directly and indirectly resulted in unfavorable conditions for communities of color,” according to a press release.

In the latest iteration of the Biden administration’s inclusion of capitalism critics in federal governance, Felicia Wong, the president and CEO of the Roosevelt Institute, was announced to serve as the nascent racial equity committee’s vice chair.

MY TAKE: MORE INSANITY! If this isn’t another good reason why Republicans must win in the midterms, I don’t know what it will take.

5 – Middle School Teacher Defends Hitler As An Inspirational Figure: ‘Strong Leadership Qualities’
The Daily Caller reports: A California middle school teacher praised Adolf Hitler as a leader while displaying his photo in the classroom, according to the Jerusalem Post.

Tabitha Barry, a middle school teacher at Carmel Valley High School in San Diego, California, placed a photo of Hitler in her classroom as a part of a lesson next to leaders such as former president John F. Kennedy, Indian spiritual leader Mahatma Gandhi and civil rights leader Martin Luther King Jr., according to the Jerusalem Post. After a student voiced their disapproval of the Hitler next to the other leaders, Barry defended Hitler’s place amongst the photos.

“Hitler may have done some bad things, but he also had strong leadership qualities,” Barry said to the student, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The San Dieguito Union High School District reported that Barry was asked to remove the photo following parent complaints, the Jerusalem Post reported. In May, Carmel Valley High School underwent the Anti-Defamation League’s anti-bias training titled, “No Place For Hate.”

MY TAKE: Why does that teacher still have a job?

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DML Morning Briefing ~ Tues. Oct. 4

Afghan refugees, Cheney, another state to ban gas vehicles, and more headlines…
By Anneta Griffee

Today is October 4. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1 – US government ‘struggled to track’ Afghan evacuees who departed military bases after withdrawal
Fox News reports: The U.S. government “struggled to track” Afghan evacuees who independently departed U.S. military bases designated as “safe havens” after the U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, and did not attempt to locate those individuals to verify their compliance with parole conditions, the Department of Homeland Security inspector general found.

DHS led the interagency effort to support and resettle Afghan evacuees, and established the Unified Coordination Group (USG) to coordinate efforts to provide Afghan evacuees with temporary housing, vaccinations, a tuberculosis screening and immigration processing.

The UCG oversaw operations at eight safe havens, managed by DHS officials, along with representatives from the Department of Defense, Department of State and Department of Health and Human Services.

Under this program, all Afghan evacuees had U.S. citizenship, long-term immigration status, or received parole and “could depart ports of entry or safe havens and could choose to relocate without assistance from a resettlement agency.”

DHS Inspector General Joseph Cuffari has been reviewing DHS’ efforts to track Afghan evacuees who independently departed safe havens and how independent departures affected evacuees’ immigration status.

Cuffari found that the UCG “struggled to track Afghan evacuees who independently departed U.S. military bases designated as ‘safe havens.’”

“In some instances, officials noticed that Afghan evacuees recorded as present at safe havens had already left,” the inspector general found.

Some Afghan evacuees also departed the safe havens “without completing medical requirements.”

Meanwhile, the inspector general, last month, found that DHS failed to properly vet and screen Afghan evacuees coming into the U.S. and may have allowed multiple national security and public safety threats into the U.S.

“As a result, DHS may have admitted or paroled individuals into the United States who pose a risk to national security and the safety of local communities,” the report continued.

MY TAKE: And that’s EXACTLY what we knew was happening when they brought them over! If this had happened on Trump’s watch, the media would not stop talking about it, but this is Biden’s catastrophe, so they are silent.

2 – End of the road: NY will join California in BANNING sale of new gas-powered cars by 2035
The Daily Mail reports: New York is joining California in banning the sale of new gas vehicles by 2035, but how it plans to charge thousands of electric vehicles in a city that lacks private driveways and convince people to pay at least $20,000 more for a new plug-in still remains a mystery.

There are just 677 charging stations spread across the five boroughs and although the city is set to add 10,000 curbside chargers by 2030, it may not be enough to power the thousands that will be cruising around by 2030 – 68 percent of all new cars sold this year be electric.

Along with where people will charge their cars, comes the question of how they will afford one. Nearly 50 percent of residents are deemed middle class and 17.9 percent are low income, leaving just 35 percent of people who have a disposable income to spend thousands of dollars more on a new plug-in vehicle.

New York, however, offers electric car buyers the Drive Clean Rebate of up to $2,000 for new car purchases or leases, but this still may not be enough to tempt consumers into swapping out a cheaper gas guzzler for a more expensive vehicle.

MY TAKE: More insaity. You couldn’t PAY me to live in New York.

3 – Cheney on having liberal Democrats as supporters: ‘I’m not choosy these days’
The Hill reports: Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) on Monday discussed her newfound support from liberal Democrats as she continues her crusade against former President Trump, saying she is “not choosy these days” about who is in her corner.

During an event at Syracuse University, Provost Gretchen Ritter asked Cheney, “As a lifelong Republican, how painful is it to have liberal Democrats in your fan club now?”

“I’m not choosy these days,” the Wyoming Republican responded, laughing herself and eliciting chuckles from the crowd.

Cheney has gotten praise from across the aisle in recent months, specifically after she criticized Trump’s claims that the 2020 presidential election was stolen and voted to impeach him following the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol.

MY TAKE: Liz, just go ahead and switch to the Democrat Party now. You’re not fooling anyone.

4 – Great Recession Redux: Housing Prices See Biggest Decline Since 2009 Housing Crash
The Washington Free Beacon reports: Median home prices in the United States fell 0.98 percent in August after falling 1.05 percent the month before, marking the largest monthly declines since the collapse of the 2000s U.S. housing bubble.

The declines in home prices, according to a Monday report from mortgage data monitor Black Knight, Inc., are among the most dramatic in U.S. history. The last time prices fell farther in a single month, according to Black Knight, was in January 2009, when the United States had just entered the Great Recession amid the collapse of home prices caused by high-risk subprime mortgage lending.

According to Black Knight, the falling prices in recent months are due to lower demand and a lack of enthusiasm among buyers as interest rates have risen. With high interest rates, homeowners are also more reluctant to put their property on the market for fear of letting go of their generous rates. Home prices are falling after a years-long period of dramatic inflation in prices, in which homes saw “a decade’s worth of appreciation in just two-and-a-half years,” Black Knight reports.

Even with home prices in decline, “housing remains historically unaffordable,” Black Knight said, at its worst point in 38 years. The monthly principal and interest payment on the median home is up $930—73 percent—since last year.

MY TAKE: 81 million people voted for THIS?

5 – Fairfax County schools implemented ‘equity grading’ to fight ‘bias’
The Washington Examiner reports: Officials with Virginia’s Fairfax County Public Schools have taken steps to implement so-called “equitable grading” at Langley High School and other schools across the district in a bid to fight “institutional bias,” according to internal FCPS communications.

The district’s emails, obtained by local parents through a Freedom of Information Act request and exclusively shared with the Washington Examiner, detail efforts by high school principals across the district, especially officials at Langley High School in recent months, to adopt “equitable grading” practices, including by using federal coronavirus relief funds to purchase a book for a teacher summer reading club titled Grading for Equity: What It Is, Why It Matters, and How It Can Transform Schools and Classrooms. The district and Langley administrators also denied the efforts were ongoing when a parent inquired.

The emails also revealed that efforts to implement “equitable grading” at all high schools under FCPS have been in motion for years, going back to 2015, with a notable acceleration in 2020 during the COVID-19 pandemic as schools across the district remained closed well into the spring of 2021.

“Equitable grading” practices vary based on how the concept is implemented, but the primary stated goal of proponents is to combat “institutional bias” and eliminate racial disparities in grade outcomes through a variety of tactics. Among the least controversial is the removal of grade penalties for late assignments and the ability to retake or redo assignments, often on an unlimited basis.

But proponents of the novel grading practices also advocate the elimination of “zero grades” by using a 50-100 scale. Under that scale, a student cannot receive a grade lower than 50, even if the assignment was never submitted, thereby creating a much higher grade floor and enabling students to achieve passing grades more easily.

MY TAKE: Has everyone in the public school system totally lost their MIND?

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DML Morning Briefing ~ Mon. Oct. 3

Ian death toll rises, illegal aliens rushing to Florida, Kim Kardashian charged, and more…
By Anneta Griffee

Today is October 3. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1 – Historic search and rescue operation underway as Ian’s death toll reaches 87
NBC News reports: As federal emergency management officials launched their largest ever search and rescue effort, the number of fatalities in Hurricane Ian’s wake climbed to 87 Sunday.

That number, tallied by NBC News, was expected to climb as additional deaths were investigated for possible ties to last week’s storm.

The fatalities so far have included 83 in Florida, where Ian struck as a Category 4 hurricane Wednesday, and four in North Carolina, where the storm ended up after striking the coast of South Carolina Friday.

Here’s one couple who tried to ride it out:

MY TAKE: DeSantis showing real leadership, and Floridians don’t need Biden!

2 – NYC migrants pile into vans they say are headed to Florida for Hurricane Ian cleanup
The New York Post reports: Scores of Venezuelan migrants in New York City are hopping on vans to head down to Florida for Hurricane Ian clean-up, they told The Post.

The migrants had scant information about who they would be working for, but they still piled into vans in Queens that they said were headed to the Sunshine State over the weekend.

“They want us for hurricane cleanup, we’d get paid $15 an hour, overtime and $15 for food daily, I think,” said Javier Moreno, 37, noting that a woman named Camila “from an organization” approached him with a flier.

“I’m going for the work. It’s been hard for us migrants to find work here in New York, that’s why a lot of us are going. How’s the work in Florida?”

A driver of one of the vans at the designated pick-up site, a corner in Corona, told The Post on Saturday that he was headed to Florida. He said he was under contract with a water and debris company. The firm did not answer its phone despite repeated attempts to call by The Post.

“I’m taking these people in the van straight to Florida tonight,” the van driver said. “I don’t know how many people have left or how many more vans are coming.”

“They are telling us that are we going to work,” Avila said. “We have a contact with a lady who is taking us to Florida. We are going to work as contractors on the disaster.”

A Venezuelan asylum seeker said about 100 people had left the 30th Street men’s shelter in Manhattan to take advantage of the work offer.

MY TAKE: This smells fishy – are Democrats behind this?

3 – Kim Kardashian charged by SEC over crypto post
ABC News reports: The Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday charged reality star Kim Kardashian over a post she made promoting a crypto asset security sold by EthereumMax “without disclosing the payment she received for the promotion.”

Kardashian will pay $1.26 million to settle the civil charges, the SEC said in its announcement.

The SEC alleged that Kardashian failed to disclose that she received $250,000 to publish a post on her Instagram account about EMAX tokens, the crypto asset security being offered by EthereumMax.

“This case is a reminder that, when celebrities or influencers endorse investment opportunities, including crypto asset securities, it doesn’t mean that those investment products are right for all investors,” SEC Chair Gary Gensler said in a statement.

The $1.26 million settlement equals the payment Kardashian received for the promotion as well as a $1 million penalty, the SEC said. Kardashian also agreed to forego the promotion of any crypto asset securities for three years, the agency added.

MY TAKE: Good question… why not go after Pelosi too?

4 – Dem lead with Latinos halved in past decade, poll says
Politico reports: The Democratic advantage among Latino voters has shrunk by half in the past decade, according to an NBC News/Telemundo poll released Sunday.

Fifty-four percent of Latino voters surveyed said they preferred Democrats to be in charge of Congress, compared with 33 percent who would prefer Republicans. That gap — now 21 points — was a 42 point difference in October 2012, according to NBC News/Telemundo.

Republicans made gains with Latino voters in the 2020 election. Republicans have also put forth a slate of Latino House candidates in the upcoming midterm elections.

The question of party preference has slid fairly steadily in the past decade, with a 26-point gap in October 2020, a 34 point gap in November 2018 and a 38-point gap in October 2016.

MY TAKE: Will Democrats’ open border plans backfire?

5 – Woke Amherst College introduces dystopian anonymous survey that will force all students to wear masks in class if a SINGLE person requests them
The Daily Mail reports: A woke liberal arts college has introduced a new masking policy that would require all students in a class to wear face masks if a single person requests them using an anonymous survey.

Under the new policy at Amherst College in Massachusetts, each student and teacher would be provided an anonymous survey in which they could express their views on whether they want a mask mandate in their classroom.

The new guidance was created by Catherine Epstein, provost and dean of faculty at the Massachusetts school, who wrote to her colleagues on September 29 that the new policy will go into effect on October 17.

At that time, she wrote, classrooms, teaching laboratories an all other instructional spaces ‘will either continue to require masking or be mask optional, depending on the outcome of an anonymous survey conducted in each class or lab.

‘Prior to October 17, faculty members will conduct an anonymous survey of their classes, either by collecting handwritten (no names!) responses to the question, ‘Should masks be required in this class?’ or by distributing a survey,’ she explained.

‘If anyone in the class, including the instructor, wants to continue with masking, then masks will be required,’ Epstein wrote. ‘Additionally, even those classes that determine that masks will be optional will respect an individual’s choice to wear a mask.’

MY TAKE: Just can’t make this stuff up, folks!

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DML Morning Briefing ~ Fri. Sept. 30

Trump-McConnell feud takes new turn, superstar quarterback gets knocked out cold, MORE!
By Katrina Lusteck

Today is September 30. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1. Trump-McConnell feud takes new turn with Electoral Count Act
The Hill— Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell’s (R-Ky.) support for the Electoral Count Act is renewing the schism between him and former President Trump, setting up a vote likely to divide the GOP caucus.

Supporters are hopeful that McConnell’s backing will lead to a majority of the Senate GOP conference backing the legislation, drafted in response to the Jan. 6, 2021, attack on the Capitol that many blame on Trump.

Sen. Rob Portman (R-Ohio), a co-sponsor of the bill, said he believes 20 to 30 Senate Republicans could ultimately back the proposal, which is expected to be voted on during the lame-duck session after Election Day. He added that McConnell’s move will be a big reason why.

“Mitch’s endorsement of the final bill that came out of the Rules Committee was very important. If he had not supported it, it would have been tough for us to get a large vote.” Portman told The Hill. “Mitch has a lot of credibility in this area,” he added, pointing to McConnell’s long-standing opposition to federalizing elections.

MY TAKE: McConnell goes whichever way the wind blows. Sick of him.

2. Superstar Quarterback Gets Knocked Out Cold, Fingers Seize Up. How Much Trouble Is The Organization Facing?

Daily Caller— Tua Tagovailoa of the Miami Dolphins left Thursday night’s game against the Cincinnati Bengals on a stretcher.

Just five days removed from Tagovailoa hitting his head and falling to the ground in the Dolphins’ 21-19 victory over the Buffalo Bills, the superstar quarterback appeared to be knocked unconscious from another brain-rattling tackle made at mid-field.

Prior to Thursday’s opening kickoff between the Dolphins and Bengals, Chris Nowinski, who is the founder of the Concussion Legacy Foundation, said “if Tua takes the field tonight, it’s a massive step back for #concussion care in the NFL. If he has a 2nd concussion that destroys his season or career, everyone involved will be sued & should lose their jobs, coaches included.”

What Nowinski was fearful of happened and now the Dolphins may face repercussions.

MY TAKE: I don’t know who made the decision for Tagovailoa to play, but it seems to have been a very bad move. Prayers!

3. CIA websites’ shortcomings resulted in dozens of deaths, research finds

Washington Examiner— CIA websites so flawed that even an “amateur” could find them led to the deaths of dozens of assets in China and Iran, research has found.

Security experts with the Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto conducted a study into a web of “covert” U.S. websites after being tipped off by a Reuters journalist. Using only information and material publicly available, the researchers found a network of 885 websites that can be measured with “high confidence” to have been used as covert communications websites for the CIA. The Chinese and Iranian governments discovered these websites in 2011 and 2012, using them to capture and execute dozens of assets, researchers said.

The network comprised websites posing as legitimate news, healthcare, weather, sports, entertainment, and other websites in 29 languages across at least 36 countries. One publicly released, poorly designed website posed as a Johnny Carson tribute page, asking users to submit their “favorite Johnny Carson moment,” the study said.

MY TAKE: I don’t even know what to say. This is such a disturbing report!

4. ‘broken’ News anchor sent chilling texts to fiancé, sister before her suicide at 27

NY Post— The Wisconsin news anchor who took her own life last month sent one last chilling text to her fiancé before she shot herself in the home they had bought one month earlier, according to a report.

WAOW anchor Neena Pacholke killed herself on Aug. 27, just 90 minutes after buying a handgun and ammunition, according to a police report obtained by the Daily Mail.

Before she pulled the trigger, the 27-year-old journalist texted her fiancé, Kyle Haase, that she could no longer bear “this pain.”

“I love you Kyle. I always have and always will,” she texted him, according to the outlet. “Despite how much you ruined me, I always had hope. I’m so sorry to do this to you but I can’t handle any of this pain anymore.”

Haase apparently broke up with her just weeks before their wedding, at some point telling her he hates her “and will feel like a million bucks once I am out of his life,” according to a text to her sister. She said that she was “broken.”

MY TAKE: It doesn’t sound like he was a very good match for her. It’s too bad she chose this path. A very sad story, and I just hope her family is healing.

5. Biden’s bizarre ‘Where’s Jackie?’ episode cause for alarm, Republicans say: ‘Diminished capacity’

Fox News—3 Several Republican lawmakers shared their concerns about President Biden’s latest gaffe in which he appeared to search for the late Rep. Jackie Walorski, R-Ind., in a crowd while calling out for her.

During his remarks at the White House Conference on Hunger, Nutrition, and Health on Wednesday, Biden appeared to search for Walorski, who died in a car accident last month.

Several Republican lawmakers spoke out with their concerns on the president’s mental state, with Sen. Ted Cruz, R-Texas, telling Fox News Digital that “Joe Biden’s diminished capacity is so blatantly obvious that even the White House Press corps couldn’t hide their concern.”

“That’s how you know it’s bad,” Cruz added.

MY TAKE: The thing is, his family and close relations should be ashamed. Everyone new this when he was a candidate! They’re letting him embarrass himself on a world stage, and its disgusting.

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DML Morning Briefing ~ Thur. Sept. 29

Putin announces new tactic, Hurricane Ian destruction continues, Strike at major newspaper, more!
By Laurie McClain

Today is September 29. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1-Russian President Vladimir Putin to annex 4 Ukrainian regions in Friday ceremony
Fox News Reports: Russian President Vladimir Putin on Friday will officially begin annexing four more regions in Ukraine in a signing ceremony following the conclusion of self-run referenda this week that the West and Kyiv have decried as a sham.

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday the ceremony would take place in Moscow “on agreements on the accession of new territories into the Russian Federation,” first reported Reuters.

The “agreement” will apparently be signed “with all four territories that held referendums and made corresponding requests to the Russian side,” he added.

Moscow-installed regionals officials from Luhansk, Donetsk, Zaphorizhzhia and Kherson are expected to represent the four regions after claiming to have achieved a monumental show of support for Russia’s illegal seizure of Ukrainian territory.

Polls close Tuesday following five days of voting organized by Russian proxies who have claimed to have garnered 93 percent of civilian support in Zaporizhzhia, 87 percent in Kherson, 98 percent in Luhansk and 99 percent in Donetsk.

MY TAKE – Will Putin ever stop?

2 -States of emergency: Executive disaster efforts enacted in five states over Hurricane Ian

Washington Examiner reports: Five states have declared states of emergency over Hurricane Ian as of Wednesday as the hurricane’s trajectory sends the storm up the East Coast this week.

Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Virginia have all declared states of emergency due to the severe weather predicted to hit the states this week. Virginia was the latest to issue such a declaration, although the storm is not expected to hit there until the weekend.

“Hurricane Ian is a large, powerful storm, and current predictions indicate that it may impact parts of Virginia later this week into early next week,” Gov. Glenn Youngkin (R-VA) said in a press release. “We want to ensure that our communities have the resources needed to respond to and recover from any potential effects from the storm. While we recognize that the storm track is still uncertain, I nevertheless encourage all Virginians and visitors to make a plan, have supplies on hand, and follow official sources for the latest forecast information and guidance. Suzanne and I will be praying for those in Florida in the path of the storm.”

MY TAKE – Stay safe out there!

3- Insane Floridians swim, get pummeled by wild waves in ocean during Hurricane Ian
New York Post reports: Insane Floridians were seen swimming in the Gulf of Mexico as Hurricane Ian winds whipped the ocean waves around them into a frenzy.

Footage of the three foolhardy swimmers went viral Wednesday as the west coast of Florida braces for the devastating impacts of the Category 4 storm.

The swimmers were getting pummeled by waves near a pier in Fort Meyers, which is expected to get an almost-direct hit by the hurricane.

The area where they were jumping the waves is under an evacuation order.

MY TAKE – They must be CRAZY to swim and surf in those waves! Again, stay SAFE out there!
4-Hurricane Ian updates: Florida sheriff says ‘fatalities are in the hundreds’ after monster storm
Washington Examiner Reports: After Hurricane Ian swept through Florida on Thursday, the storm left millions without power and officials are predicting hundreds of fatalities.

“Fatalities are in the hundreds,” Lee County Sheriff Carmine Marceno told Good Morning America on Thursday.

Ian was moving northeast across Florida at about 8 mph with maximum sustained winds of 65 mph at 5 a.m. Thursday, according to the National Hurricane Center. However, the agency warned that Ian could pick back up and reach hurricane strength as it reaches Florida’s east coast on Saturday, posing risks to Georgia and the Carolinas.

MY TAKE – Pray for Florida and all that are in Ian’s path!

5-New York Times Union Demands Salary Increase Due to Inflation, Considers Striking
Breitbart Reports: New York Times union members are considering going on strike after salary negotiations with management reached a standstill.

The union, also known as the New York Times Guild, is demanding an eight percent annual increase for the next four years, citing the increased cost of living, according to Business Insider.

Management countered the union’s offer with a four percent increase for the first year, a two percent increase the following two years, and an additional one percent based on merit.

Union members complained about management’s counter, saying it would amount to a pay cut given record high inflation levels. The Guild also believes the paper can handle the pay increase, given its acquisition of the Athletic and Wordle, plus its nearly ten million paid subscribers.

MY TAKE – Would anyone miss their reporting?

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DML Morning Briefing ~ Wed. Sept. 28

Ian roars and grows! DeSantis hits Biden, Pompeo’s new ad, CDC quietly caves, more!
By Anneta Griffee

Today is September 28. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1 – Ian just shy of a Category 5 hurricane as it nears Florida
The Associated Press reports: ST. PETERSBURG, Fla., (AP) — Hurricane Ian rapidly intensified off Florida’s southwest coast Wednesday morning, gaining top winds of 155 mph (250 kph), just shy of the most dangerous Category 5 status. Damaging winds and rain lashed the state’s heavily populated Gulf Coast, with the Naples to Sarasota region at “highest risk” of a devastating storm surge.

U.S. Air Force hurricane hunters confirmed Ian gained strength over warm Gulf of Mexico water after battering Cuba, bringing down the country’s electricity grid and leaving the entire island without power. Ian was centered about 65 miles (105 kilometers) west-southwest of Naples at 7 a.m., swirling toward the coast at 10 mph (17 kph).

“This is going to be a nasty nasty day, two days,” Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis said early Wednesday, stressing that people in Ian’s path along the coast should rush to the safest possible shelter and stay there. “Do what you need to do to stay safe. If you are where that storm is approaching, you’re already in hazardous conditions. It’s going to get a lot worse very quickly. So please hunker down.”

The massive storm appeared on track to slam into the Florida’s southwestern Gulf coast somewhere north of Fort Myers and some 125 miles (201 kilometers) south of Tampa, sparing the bay area from a rare direct hit from a hurricane. The Fort Myers area is popular with retirees and tourists drawn to pristine white sandy beaches and long barrier islands, which forecasters said could be completely inundated.

Meteorologist Jason Frazer: “I have never seen a Hurricane rapidly intensify within 3 hours. We just saw this happen with Hurricane Ian. When we signed on @FoxWeather at 4:45am, Ian had max winds of 120 mph. Now, Ian has max winds of 155 mph. There will be parts of Florida that will soon be unrecognizable.”

MY TAKE: Floridians, please stay safe out there!!

2 – DeSantis Team Hits Back After Biden Deems Vaccination a ‘Vital Part’ of Hurricane Prep
Breitbart reports: Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’s (R) team on social media assured the Sunshine State that its officials are ready and willing to help all Floridians who will be impacted by Hurricane Ian, regardless of vaccination status, after President Biden deemed getting vaccinated a “vital part” of hurricane prep.

“Let me be clear. If you’re in a state where hurricanes often strike like Florida or the Gulf Coast or into Texas, a vital part of preparing for hurricane season is to get vaccinated,” Biden stated ahead of Hurricane Ian’s anticipated landfall on the west coast of Florida.

“Now, everything is more complicated if you’re not vaccinated in [sic] a hurricane or natural disaster hits,” he continued, making a bizarre connection between getting vaccinated and preparing for a massive storm:

The DeSantis War Room addressed Biden’s call for more vaccinations on Tuesday.

“This is a strange and puzzling assertion from @POTUS. Governor DeSantis and Florida’s world class emergency management & first responders are ready to help all Floridians impacted by #HurricaneIan, regardless of vaccination status,” it said:

MY TAKE: Biden is a total embarrassment!

3 – Pompeo launches new campaign to combat ‘wokeness in the military’
Fox News reports: Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo says he has a new mission — to battle what he terms is “a woke military.”

Taking aim at political correctness in the nation’s armed forces, the West Point graduate and Army officer who served in Germany during the Cold War is launching a campaign to target what he calls “woke polices” by President Biden’s administration that are directed toward the military.

The campaign, which includes a new website and two ads released by CAVFUND, a non-profit group set up by Pompeo, was shared first with Fox News on Tuesday.

“American security, and the safety of our families, rests on the shoulders of our men and women in uniform. Their training must never be corrupted to advance left-wing political goals. This matters. A woke military is a weak military,” Pompeo, who was elected to Congress before serving as CIA director and America’s top diplomat during former President Trump’s administration, argued in a statement.

MY TAKE: About time! This needs to go viral, don’t you agree?

4 – BREAKING: OU Health Plans ‘Ceasing Of Certain Gender Medicine Services’ For Minors After State Threatens Funding
The Daily Caller reports: Oklahoma Children’s Hospital will stop performing “certain gender medicine services” for minors, OU Health told the Daily Caller in a statement Tuesday.

The hospital, which is part of the Oklahoma University (OU) Health system, provides a wide range of adolescent medical services, including for sexuality and gender identity issues, according to the Oklahoma Children’s Hospital website. However OU Health told the Daily Caller the current gender program is facing cuts to its available services.

“The OU Health Senior Leadership team is proactively planning the ceasing of certain gender medicine services across our facilities and that plan is already under development,” OU Health said in the statement.

The Oklahoma House of Representatives added restrictions on Monday to special session legislation that would prevent Oklahoma Children’s Hospital from performing gender-affirming surgeries on minors at any of its locations. The Oklahoma House Conference Committee approved a new version of Oklahoma bill HB1007 on Monday that would restrict the hospital’s ability to perform some gender-affirming services, including hormone therapy and sex reassignment surgeries on minors, according to the bill.

MY TAKE: Finally, some good news!!

5 – CDC Drops Universal Masking Recommendation for Healthcare Workers
Breitbart reports: The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) quietly dropped its universal masking recommendation for healthcare workers last week.

According to the federal health agency, which updated its guidance September 23, the changes were made “to reflect the high levels of vaccine-and infection-induced immunity and the availability of effective treatments and prevention tools.” The guidance emphasizes that it is applicable to United States healthcare settings before clarifying that areas without high transmission levels of the Chinese coronavirus “could choose not to require universal source control.”

Per the updated guidance:

Individuals might also choose to continue using source control based on personal preference, informed by their perceived level of risk for infection based on their recent activities (e.g., attending crowded indoor gatherings with poor ventilation) and their potential for developing severe disease. For example, if an individual or someone in their household is at increased risk for severe disease, they should consider wearing masks or respirators that provide more protection because of better filtration and fit to reduce exposure and infection risk, even if source control is not otherwise required by the facility. HCP [healthcare personnel] and healthcare facilities might also consider using or recommending source control when caring for patients who are moderately to severely immunocompromised.

MY TAKE: About time!!

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DML Morning Briefing ~ Tues. Sept. 27

Obama pulls the race card; plus Inflation, Debt, Crime, and ISIS
By Anneta Griffee

Today is September 27. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1 – Obama Claims Racism to Suppress American Opposition to Biden’s Deadly Migration
Breitbart reports: Americans oppose President Joe Biden’s lawless and wage-cutting mass migration because they are racist, not because of their economic worries, according to former President Barack Obama.

“Right now, the biggest fuel behind the Republican agenda is related to immigration and the fear that somehow America’s character is going to be changed if, people of darker shades, there are too many of them here,” Obama told a meeting of Hispanic realtors on September 25 in San Diego, California.

Obama used his divide-and-rule claims of racism to hide the public opposition to migration’s economic impact, according to his comments posted in a September 25 report by the San Diego Union-Tribune:

I wish I could be more euphemistic about it except [they’re] not that subtle about it — they’re just kind of saying it,” Obama said. “You hear it on hard-right media, you hear it from candidates and politicians, you hear things like ‘great replacement theory’ — I mean, this is not subtle. Unless we’re able to return to a more inclusive vision inside the Republican Party, it’s going to be hard to get a bill done.

Obama also argued that public opposition to mass migration is more dangerous than government support for the nation-changing migration that has killed thousands of migrants and many more Americans:

When you have that kind of rhetoric floating around out there, we’ve seen in history that is dangerous rhetoric. It’s dangerous wherever it appears and it’s dangerous here in the United States.

MY TAKE: The man who Americans overwhelmingly elected as the nation’s first Black president claims America is racist.  What a disgusting joke!

2 – Americans to get another wallet punch this winter despite already high inflation
Fox Business: Droves of families faced higher than average electric bills last winter due to a surge in the supply cost of the energy commodity. Unfortunately, according to some experts, this year won’t be much different.

Families already dealing with increased costs due to inflation are expected to pay even more than last year, according to a recent report from the National Energy Assistance Directors Association (NEADA).

Earlier this month, the NEADA projected that the average cost to heat a home would increase by 17.2% since last winter, rising from $1,025 to $1,202. Heating oil costs will jump an estimated 54% to $1,876, while natural gas costs may increase 24% to $709, according to the NEADA.

Overall, the total cost of home heating, including natural gas, electricity, heating oil and propane, is estimated to jump from $127.9 billion to $149.9 billion this year.

MY TAKE: Welcome to Joe Biden’s America. 81 million people voted for this, remember?

3 – ISIS, citing Trump’s criticism of FBI raid, calls US a ‘banana republic’
Washington Examiner reports: An ISIS publication claimed the United States is a “banana republic,” citing the FBI’s raid of former President Donald Trump’s Mar-a-Lago estate.

Voice of Khurasan, a magazine published by ISIS’s Khorasan Province’s Al Azaim Foundation for Media Production, had an article in its latest issue titled “America from the Land of Free to a Banana Republic,” according to Homeland Security Today. It focused on Trump’s criticism of the raid to retrieve classified material that he took from the White House to his Florida home.

“Donald Trump, an ex-US president who gained animalistic pleasure in butchering innocent Muslims of the third world countries, accused their Federal administration of behaving like the corrupt thugs of the third world countries, when on August 8 the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) raided his Mar-a-Lago estate in Florida in search of classified documents,” the magazine said.

The author of the piece used Trump’s frequent criticism, including exact quotes, of the raid and that of his children to demonstrate the U.S.’s supposed fall.

“This ex-president of the US condemned this raid: ‘An assault [that] could only take place in broken, third-world countries.’ He continued to decry that America has ‘now become one of those countries, corrupt at a level not seen before,’” the piece added. “Poverty, healthcare, and other indicators clearly suggest that US citizens are enjoying no better lifestyle than those of the ‘banana republics.’”

MY TAKE: Now even ISIS can see America is weakened by Biden.

4 – Vagrant seen pummeling woman in NYC subway station killed grandmother in the ’90s
The New York Post reports: A homeless man who was captured on surveillance footage beating a woman inside a Queens subway station last week was arrested as a teen decades ago for killing his own grandmother.

The suspect, 41-year-old Waheed Foster, has a lengthy criminal history, including a bust for beating his grandmother to death in 1995 when he was just 14.

The elderly victim, Ariela Mascha, had 20 broken ribs, a stab wound in the leg and a punctured liver, police said at the time. The brutal attack was sparked by a fight about money, police said then. He was later convicted in her death, but it’s unclear how long he served.

He was living with his grandmother at the time of her death and confessed to killing her days after the fatal encounter when he was confronted by detectives about inconsistencies in his story, Newsday reported in 1995.

Last week, Foster allegedly launched at a woman after she ignored him on a train, police said Monday.

The attack happened just after 5 a.m. Sept. 20 as the 33-year-old victim tried to exit the northbound A train at the Howard Beach stop without engaging with the man, cops said.

MY TAKE: He should’ve been in jail for LIFE. Why was this thug ever released?

5 – Biden’s student debt forgiveness will cost taxpayers $400 BILLION over 10 years, non-partisan Congress office says: White House says announcement is ‘coming soon’ on massive cancelation plan
The Daily Mail reports: Joe Biden’s student loan relief plan could cost the country $400 billion over the next decade as the administration prepares to unveil next steps for borrowers to apply for forgiveness as early as next month.

The nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office noted in a letter to the Senate and House Labor committees noting the high cost of the president’s relief plan, as well as reporting the plan would cause outstanding student loans to increase by $20 billion.

In August, Biden announced his plan to cancel $10,000 in federal student loan debt for borrowers making less than $125,000 individually and $250,000 jointly. That forgiveness would rise to $20,000 for those with Pell Grants.

The White House now says that more guidance is coming that will provide more information on how borrowers can apply for their slice of the forgiveness.

Biden’s announcement included extending the repayment moratorium for a fifth and final time past the previous August deadline – and making it so that student loan payments will resume in January 2023 for the first time since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020.

MY TAKE: Can Biden think of anymore ways to take money from Americans’ pockets? Oh, 81 million people voted for this, remember?

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DML Morning Briefing ~ Mon. Sept. 26

To see his picture Click Here
Influential climate group’s China connection, Terrorism expert’s chilling warning, and more top headlines
By Anneta Griffee

Today is September 26. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1 – Green group influencing Biden admin’s policymaking has deep ties to communist country’s government
Fox News reports: The Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC), a major U.S. green group that has influenced Biden administration policymaking, has deep ties to the Chinese government.

The NRDC, a non-profit organization based in New York City with total assets exceeding $450 million, has worked on climate issues extensively in China since the mid-1990s and several of its top officials have worked for the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) or government-sponsored institutions.

The NRDC also maintains a close working relationship with President Biden’s administration. The NRDC’s former president, Gina McCarthy, served as Biden’s climate czar up from January 2021 until earlier this month. Current president, Manish Bapna, has attended at least two White House meetings, visitor logs reviewed by Fox News Digital show.

The NRDC regularly communicates with Special Presidential Envoy for Climate John Kerry’s office on policy issues, according to internal State Department emails obtained by the watchdog group Protect the Public’s Trust and shared with Fox News Digital.

On its website, the NRDC highlights its collaboration with a “wide range of Chinese and international partners” to boost green policies and “fortify” environmental regulations in the country.

MY TAKE: Where’s the big investigation on Biden-China collusion?

2 – Counterterrorism Expert Cynthia Farahat Reveals Muslim Brotherhood Plan to ‘Destroy’ West – ‘Like Cancer’
Breitbart reports: The Muslim Brotherhood’s “endgame” is to murder every non-Muslim and “destroy Western civilization,” according to counterterrorism expert Cynthia Farahat, who revealed they are open about their intentions of infiltrating and corrupting every American institution “like a cancer,” and slammed the “far-left” for its “propaganda” supporting the global terrorist organization.

In an exclusive interview with Breitbart News, well-known Egyptian author and political analyst Farahat highlighted the Muslim Brotherhood’s association with virtually all Islamic terror groups.

“The Muslim Brotherhood is the incubator of Sunni Islamic terrorism,” she said. “They are the command and control for Islamic terrorist groups such as al-Qaeda, the Islamic State (IS), the Islamist Jemaah Islamiyah, the Egyptian Islamic Jihad, Hamas, along with many other radical terrorists groups.”

“I actually found it harder to pin down a terrorist group that didn’t have a direct connection to the Muslim Brotherhood than the other way around,” she added. “They are also responsible for radicalizing Muslims because when you have a radicalized base, its so much easier to recruit jihadists from it.”

Farahat explained that the radical group’s ultimate goal is exactly “what they say they want to do,” which is the complete annihilation of those who dissent from their worldview.

MY TAKE: And the above is just a sampling of this chilling interview. We’ve provided the link if you want to read the whole thing.

3 – Female Muslim students demand special swimming time
The Washington Examiner reports: A group of female Muslim students at Syracuse University is demanding the university pool provide special hours for female swimmers due to their religious beliefs.

The group of female students at the New York university said that it cannot swim in the presence of men due to Islamic religious beliefs that require women to be fully covered in the presence of men, according to the Daily Orange.

“Usually I’d have to fix my scarf while I’m in the pool, but if you’re in an environment where it’s just girls, you don’t really care and you can swim, you’re more comfortable,” student Sajiah Naqib told the campus newspaper.

But the group of students said that a “girl’s only” time at the campus aquatic center was insufficient to meet their religious needs due to the high degree of visibility through the facility’s windows.

One solution posed by the group included curtains that could cover the windows while the women swam. And they don’t see their request only benefiting Muslim women.

MY TAKE: And this is how it starts. Their plan is already in full swing.

4 – Biden Department Of Defense Debuts ‘Diversity And Inclusion’ Committee
The Daily Caller reports: The Department of Defense (DOD) announced in a Friday press release that the Pentagon is launching a Diversity and Inclusion Committee made up of civilian intellectuals and former military personnel.

Each member of the new advisory committee has been appointed by Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin, according to the press release.

Retired Air Force General Lester Lyles will serve as the chairman. Lyles lauded the creation of the committee, saying, “this year marks a historical event as the first committee to provide the Secretary of Defense with advice and recommendations to improve racial/ethnic diversity, inclusion, and equal opportunity as a force multiplier in the military,” the release noted.

MY TAKE: Those who seek to destroy us are laughing their heads off.

5 – Far-Left Justin Trudeau Lifts Canada’s Border Vaccine Mandate While Biden Keeps America’s
The Washington Free Beacon reports: (Reuters) — Canada’s federal government will likely drop its COVID-19 vaccine requirement for people entering Canada at the end of the month, a government source said on Tuesday.

The source, who was not authorized to speak on the record, said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was “likely” to drop the vaccination requirement on Sept. 30. The Globe and Mail newspaper reported the news earlier on Tuesday.

Canada will also drop random coronavirus testing on the same day, and make it optional to use its ArriveCAN app, where travelers have been required to upload their proof of vaccination, the source said.

Canadian airports faced chaos over the summer, with numerous cancellations and delays that some blamed on the country’s strict COVID-19 restrictions.

MY TAKE: Now apologize to all those truckers!!

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