DML Morning Briefing ~ Fri. Sept. 9

Closed Sanctuaries, Confused Whoopie, Mean Liberals, & Naughty Martha — Plus Something A Little Nice
By Katrina Lusteck

Today is September 9. Below are some of the stories grabbing headlines this morning. I hope you share this briefing as doing so will make you the smartest person in the room.

1. Migrants bussed to sanctuary city Chicago are promptly shipped off to suburbs
Fox News— A group of over 100 migrants from the southern border were moved to an Illinois suburb after being welcomed in Chicago – an action that is reportedly frustrating local officials.

The migrants are staying at a Hampton Inn in Burr Ridge and a Holiday Inn in Countryside, according to reporting by WGN-TV. An estimated 300 migrants have been bused from Texas to Chicago in the past two weeks.

While Chicago is a sanctuary city and Cook County is a sanctuary county, the migrants at the Burr Ridge Hampton Inn are in DuPage County. The county’s sanctuary status is unclear. However, Burr Ridge Republican Mayor Garry Grasso previously said he would work to secure the border and “defund sanctuary cities,” according to WGN-TV.

MY TAKE: For some reason, I thought sanctuaries were places to STAY and find protection. Guess I’m not reading the same dictionary as the liberals. From to equality to justice to pronouns, they seem to have a different definition than me. Of course, considering the crime in Chicago under liberal Lightfoot, maybe she’s just trying to keep them safe!

2. Have they no shame? Woke liberals writers waste no time attacking the ‘colonizer’ Queen mere hours after her death aged 96 – and hours after Twitter took down vile post mocking monarch

Daily Mail— Thursday’s death of Queen Elizabeth II was celebrated by some opinion writers, with one promising to dance on her grave and another describing her 70-year reign as ‘devastating.’

While millions around the world were mourning the death of the 96-year-old monarch, provocateurs were within hours of her death mocking the outpouring of grief – in some of the most esteemed publications in the United States.

One Pennsylvania professor even said she hoped the queen’s final hours of pain would ‘be excruciating.’

MY TAKE: Why are liberals so ANGRY and MEAN all the time? Whether you liked her or not, it’s not appropriate. Woke liberals should approve of a strong FEMALE leader who held a powerful position for 7 DECADES and was loved by millions. But maybe she’s just missing something that would make her more palatable. Pigment? Pronoun?

3. Confused Whoopi Goldberg Tries to End ‘The View’ 20 Minutes Early

NEWS SITE— he View has just returned after a summer hiatus, but it’s looking like at least one of the co-hosts might need a little more vacation time. On today’s episode, Whoopi Goldberg tried to bring the daytime talk show to an end a full 20 minutes before it was set to wrap up, prompting her co-hosts to quickly correct her — but not before they had a good laugh at her antics.

The slip-up happened as the panel concluded a conversation about men who prefer to be funnier than their wives. After praising Joy Behar for her sense of humor, Goldberg moved on to plug another ABC series before attempting to sign off for the day.

“Next, I wanna say, you all have been a great audience, we love that you are watching. We want you all to have a great day today. Take a little —” she said, before pausing abruptly and looking off camera to ask, “No? No?”

MY TAKE: I guess when you gotta go, you gotta GO!

4. Martha Stewart, 81, appears to be topless beneath her apron while promoting coffee brand Green Mountain Coffee

Daily MailE— Martha Stewart appeared to go topless in an ad for her new partnership with the brand Green Mountain Coffee.

The 81-year-old lifestyle personality appeared in what appeared to be only a white apron with the brand’s logo in a hunter green oval, as she was in a kitchen sipping a cup of the brand’s flavors for the new season.

‘Oh hi there. I’m just enjoying the natural flavor of Pumpkin Spice,’ Stewart told her 3.9 million Instagram followers in the clip. ‘From Green Mountain coffee roasters and nothing else, literally. Just look at this, a thing of natural beauty – no, no, no not me.’

MY TAKE: Can’t unsee! Why, Martha??

5. On this day in history, Sept. 9, 1776, American colonies named ‘United States of America’

Fox News— The United States of America were formally created by an act of the Second Continental Congress on this day in history, Sept. 9, 1776.

The congressional decree stated: “That in all continental commissions, and other instruments, where, heretofore, the words ‘United Colonies’ have been used, the stile be altered for the future to the ‘United States.’”

“The moniker United States of America has remained since then as a symbol of freedom and independence,” states the National Constitution Center.

MY TAKE: There’s your fun fact to share today. Something else that’s fun is staying healthy and HAPPY, unlike those mean, confused liberals! On that note, check out this DEAL from Dennis Michael Lynch:

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