The David Knight Show ~ 10/07/22

Zelensky DEMANDS Preemptive Nuclear Strike; Spotify Weaponizes Censorship.
* Spotify reveals how and why they’ve censored podcasts more than all other platforms combined, how they are the AGENTS of government in censorship — and how they will sell it to others.
* Zelensky DEMANDS preemptive nuclear strike. Media not only ignores but pushes a counter narrative.
* BARDA’s purchase of $290M of anti-radiation drugs may have alternative motives. At any rate, its NOT about protecting the public.
* Will sanctions be removed from Venezuelan oil? Why it won’t matter as OPEC+ declares war on US & EU.
* Biden’s DOJ escalates the war on pro-life activists with another weaponized raid and charges of up to 11 yrs and $350,000.
* Biden says he will pardon prisoners held under simple possession of marijuana but HE was the one who locked them up in the first place as the father of mandatory minimums and other draconian policies of the failed War on Drugs.
* How the “Christian Right” betrays Hershel Walker with kiss.
* INTERVIEW: Gerald Celente,, on war, peace, the family — and his favorite jazz!
The October 7th Show [Duration 3:01:58]
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