Sep. 26 ~ Situation Update

ANALYSIS: Europe to become “ECONOMIC WASTELAND” as industry dies, banks fail and food production plunges.
– Energy scarcity means BASF may have to shut down in Germany.
– This would unleash global scarcity of chemicals for industry, medicine, automotive, etc.
– BASF warns that if plants shut down, they may suffer massive DAMAGE and cannot be restarted.
– The British Pound is collapsing as Europe’s currencies head into oblivion. (Euro too)
– Meloni wins Italy’s elections: Will it make any difference?
– Massive fire takes out huge fresh food wholesale distribution hub in France.
– Colorado police arrest woman, put her in cop car on railroad tracks, then train collides.
– Interview featuring Leo Zagami about Italy, Europe and secret societies.
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Mike Adams.
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