Sep. 27 ~ Situation Update

UN food chief warns of “chaos,” “hell,” “devastation” from FAMINE … expect price controls, rationing and criminalization of preppers … HIDE YOUR FOOD.
– Panic buying of supplies in Florida, ahead of Hurricane Ian. (people still aren’t prepared)
– Now the UN reports what Natural News warned about nearly two years ago: #Famine.
– Entirely predictable: Governments will soon start PRICE CONTROLS and RATIONING.
– Before long, they will attempt to criminalize “hoarding” and seize food from people.
– It’s time to HIDE your food.
– Specific tips and strategies: Five levels of hiding food, concealment, encasement and more.
– How to hide your food from food-sniffing dogs.
– News about the Nord Stream pipeline sabotage that just happened.
– Armed BLACK groups march in Austin, demanding secure border and reparations.
– Interview with two attorneys who are suing US hospitals and doctors over #remdesivir deaths.
The Podcast [Duration  1:56:43]
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Monster Storm
5:10 Food Shortage
12:45 How to Hide Food
35:35 Breaking News
44:22 USA
1:05:50 Daniel Watkins and Michael Hamilton
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