Sep. 28 ~ Situation Update

UN food chief warns of “chaos,” “hell,” “devastation” from FAMINE … expect price controls, rationing and criminalization of preppers … HIDE YOUR FOOD.
– Massive under sea detonation caused Nord Stream pipeline sabotage.
– Joe Biden promised to “bring an end” to Nord Stream pipelines.
– Russia hater Victoria Nuland promised to HALT pipeline operations.
– Sen. Ron Johnson called for “ending it permanently” and preventing any operations.
– US Navy underwater explosives team ran drills in the EXACT area in June.
– Were drills a cover story for planting explosives?
– Germany’s economy is now DOOMED, and BASF will go offline.
– Europe’s supply chain will collapse.
– It appears the USA is at war with Europe.
– Nord Stream sabotage was act of WAR and TERRORISM against Europe.
– Collapse of European industry will collapse banks and currencies.
– Dollar keeps getting stronger, USA emerges as remaining industrial power in the west.
– Prepare for total collapse of Europe: Famine, freezing, civil unrest, revolutions, currency collapse.
– Interview with Dr. Rashid Buttar about vaccine “payloads” that can be remotely activated.
The Podcast [Duration  1:50:25]
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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40:33 Conclusion
42:57 Interesting News
49:25 Hurricane Ian
53:02 Dr. Rashid Buttar
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