October 07 ~ Situation Update

Groundbreaking lawsuit filed against Peter Daszak, Ralph Baric over SARS-CoV-2 gain of function research and hazardous RELEASE.
– Lawsuit claims Peter Daszak and Ralph Baric are responsible for DEATHS from covid.
– Claims they funneled money into gain-of-function research in Wuhan.
– Could set legal precedent for massive wave of lawsuits against Fauci, Walensky and others.
– CDC (Walensky) conspiracy confirmed: They covered up V-Safe data showing widespread vaccine injuries.
– 7.7% of those who took vaccine were injured, 25% couldn’t work.
– Bank of England admits it was only HOURS away from total collapse.
– European gold and silver mints will CEASE operations due to energy shortage.
– Biden pardons marijuana possession (federal) but still criminalizes CBD.
– China military drones air lift armed robot dogs into battle zones.
– US buys anti-radiation drugs to prepare for nuclear war.
– Germany to become “industrial museum” as energy supply collapses.
– Interview with Tom Luongo on currency wars, Europe vs. the Fed.
The Podcast [Duration  2:02:05]
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Groundbreaking Lawsuit
14:00 Another Bombshell
24:40 Other News
34:12 Intel
44:10 Europe
51:10 Nuclear Emergency
1:02:22 Tom Luongo
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