October 08 ~ Situation Update

Ukraine’s Zelensky calls for NATO NUCLEAR STRIKE on Russia.
– Psychotic Zelensky wants NATO to nuke Russia.

– Would set off fierce Russian response involving nuclear retaliation.

– All major western cities would be annihilated: London, Paris, Berlin, New York, Wash DC.

– Ukraine leader is an incompetent CIA puppet installed by the USA in 2014.

– Western leaders WANT nuclear war to destroy all evidence of their CURRENCY CRIMES.

– Ukraine government is desperately trying to walk back his statement.

– All Western Europeans should prepare for imminent nuclear war.

– Interview with John Perez about Russia, nuclear war, Elon Musk and #silver.

The Podcast [Duration  1:14:46]
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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24:13 John Perez
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