October 10 ~ Situation Update

Why the COLLAPSE of the current EVIL system will set humanity free.
– Do not fear the collapse; it is NECESSARY for evil to be dismantled.
– Prepare to REBUILD the next society with a new pro-human, pro-liberty structure.
– “Antifragile” needs to be the structure of the next society: Decentralized, local, redundant.
– Resilient prepping will get YOU through the collapse, alive and functioning.
– Shifting to GOLD and SILVER will transition your financial assets to the post-collapse society.
– The fall of Big Government, Big Pharma, Big Tech and Big Ag is a BENEFIT to the world.
– #PayPal threatens to steal $2500 from each user’s account if they spread “misinformation”.
– Morality and ethics are rapidly collapsing across modern society as luciferian agenda rises.
– Analysis of the #Ukraine bombing of #Crimea bridge.
– Interview with Jim Willie of Golden Jackass.
– Why WE are the “white hats” who must defeat evil and dismantle tyranny.
The Podcast [Duration  2:06:06]
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Collapse
48:45 Jim Willie (Golden Jackass)
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