October 11 ~ Situation Update

The world is LOCKED in an escalation war feedback loop that ends in NUCLEAR DOOM.
– 20 days remaining for the “false flag window” to try to stop the mid-term elections.
– Russia launches missile attack on dozens of cities across Ukraine.
– Clearly Russia has NOT run out of missiles, which means the media lied yet again.
– Where are NATO’s anti-air defenses? Apparently they do not exist or don’t work.
– Pattern of escalation puts the world on track to reach nuclear doomsday soon.
– Colonoscopy massive clinical trial reveals ZERO reduction in colon cancer deaths.
– Yet another medical procedure that’s medically useless.
– Katie Hobbs ran “Slave Day” event in high school, selling humans on leashes.
– Ukraine military commander poses for photo wearing Nazi SWASTIKA bracelet.
– Interview with Ben Armstrong about America’s role in the End Times / Book of Revelation.
The Podcast [Duration  1:54:59]
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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0:00 Intro
4:15 False Flag Countdown
26:33 Culture War News
39:50 Crazy News
43:32 Ben Armstrong
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