October 12 ~ Situation Update

Global debt markets are BREAKING, only days remaining before safeguards breached.
– Global DEBT markets are on the verge of collapse.
– The bond market is melting down with 75% losses of some bonds.
– Bank of England warns investors they have THREE DAYS to liquidate.
– Japan’s 10 year govt. bond has ZERO buyers for 3 days.
– Russian troops pour into Belarus by the train load.
– Russia preparing for massive attack on Ukraine.
– Tulsi Gabbard leaves demonic Democrat party and bashes their insanity.
– Pfizer admits covid vax NEVER tested against transmission of covid. (was all fraud)
– Pentagon says biological gender counts for the draft, all those born as males must register.
– French gas police won’t allow you to buy gas unless your car is near empty.
– Germany to burn 800 million covid masks to produce HEAT. (finally found a use for these)
– Europeans are panic buying firewood.
– Some are gathering horse poop to burn for heat.
The Podcast [Duration  59:29]
The Health Ranger,
Mike Adams.
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5:35 Crazy News
8:28 France
11:11 Germany
16:35 Energy Crisis
39:55 Politics
42:55 Economic Analysis
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